CNC Milling Services in Rochdale and Greater Manchester

With a wide range of CNC Milling and conventional CNC Machine tools at its disposal, our team of highly skilled engineers produce a wide variety of components to our customers’ specifications in one-offs and small/medium batches. We are proud that our diverse client base includes a number of industry leaders.
  • Plain Endmill – used for most milling – creates walls with 90 degree straight edges and sharp corners at the bottom of a recess
  • Chamfer Endmill – creates 45 degree bevels on the top edge of a wall or recess
  • Grooving Endmill – creates rectangular grooves in side walls
  • Ball Mill – creates rounded edges at the bottom edge of a recess
  • Rounding Endmill – creates rounded edges at the top edge
  • Angle Endmill – creates walls at angles other than 90 degrees

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