Extrusion / Pultrusion Mould Die Manufacturing

We manufacture a range of Pultrusion and Extrusion Dies for specific niche sector industries. If you are looking for a specific shape of Pultrusion or Extrusion tooling, get in touch with us to discuss what we can manufacture for you.

The one key area when developing extruded or pultruded material as the pultrusion and extrusion die. At 1860 GEL your die will be manufactured to the highest specification, so you get the most from your raw materials. 1860 GEL’s Dies are highly efficient and can be transported to in-situ locations for installation into the full solution. As experts in pultrusion 1860 GEL can help you throughout the design process and help you get the most out of your pultrusion process.

  • Pultrusion Die Manufacturing
  • Extrusion Die Manufacturing
  • CAD Design Support

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