1860 GEL Carpet Loom Spare Products

1860 GEL have traditionally made “point of weave “ components for all types of Axminster carpet looms and we currently supply the three major OEM’s still manufacturing looms.

Brintons Crabtree Griffith

The range of components made includes:

Grippers, Reeds, Yarn Carriers, Springs (including Carrier Springs) and Selectors for all kinds of Jacquard Looms

Gripper Spool Frames; Spools; Clamps & Guards (Combs); and Yarn Guides for Gripper Spool Frame Looms

Tube Frames; Threading Hooks and Combs for Tube Frame Looms

In recent years, as demand for some components has declined, we have ceased producing some spool loom components. In particular, we no longer make Gripper Spool Frames, Tube Frames or Spools, although we can still produce brackets and other components used on Gripper Spool Frame looms.

The following pages give more information about the products still produced by 1860 GEL

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